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Agrisave Technology: Purpose

The purpose of Agrisave is to bring benefit to the agricultural community. This is achieved through learning, knowledge sharing and continuous development.

Agrisave provides advanced soil sensor technology and analytics for understanding the composition of your soil. Adjusting nutrition management to the sudden changes of the soil composition will increase plant health and productivity and prevent a variety of problems in production. 

Agrisave aims to provide benefits to the agricultural community by providing knowledge and technology through the value chain from the farmer to the table of a restaurant. 

Agrisave's sensor, Agrim8, is a suite of internet connected sensors that collects various data points such as moisture ( volumetric moisture content ), salinity (conductivity) and PH. This data is then analyzed and visualized to help the farmer make key decisions.
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How it works


Agrisave’s custom-made sensors pick up readings about the soil features you need to measure.

The data is sent to the cloud and displayed in an efficient and understandable way.



The findings can be used immediately to improve decision-making in farming practices.


Agrisave Technology: Challenge

The agricultural industry faces global challenges, such as climate change, limited resources and rising demand driven by an increasing population.

The world population has been gradually increasing due to higher standards of living. By 2050 the world population is estimated at 9.5 billion people; this means 20% more people than today (7.7 billion people). In addition, the rising middle classes of China and India have different diets than before.

The increasing population and changing diets will force farmers to act differently in order to meet those higher demands. Agrisave's data analysis will help farmers generate more produce from their land while consuming less resources, which is ultimately good for both people and the environment.
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Our services

Soil sensors

These can be installed anywhere both indoors and outdoors, such as farms, turfs and gardens!

Agrisave Technology: Solution

At Agrisave, we believe that knowledge sharing is the key to address these challenges, without compromising the profitability of the farmer.

Agrisave’s agronomists collaborate with local communities, researchers and producers to ensure that we have the best available knowledge so that our crop nutrition solutions will be the perfect fit for you. We are happy to engage with farmers and share our knowledge through demonstration trials and reports and further develop our knowledge through meetings and seminars.
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Agrisave App


Moisture, salinity, pH.


Shows locations according to GPS co-ordinates.


24/7 accessibility.

Customized solutions

Free consultancy and advice included.

Agrisave TEchnology: Projects


Agrisave is actively working on a variety of agricultural projects, ranging from planning and production to manufacturing and services.

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    Agrisave  would like to pay our respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of our community by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land who’s soil our sensors analyse.

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