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Agrisave Technology is a precision agriculture company specialized in agricultural sensors. Soil profiles are affected by many external events and these changes can be tricky to notice. Additionally, every soil profile has its own unique composition and therefore it cannot be taken for granted. By measuring changes in soil profiles we can provide recommended actions to significantly improve yield and plant health and prevent a variety of problems in production.

At Agrisave, we believe that knowledge sharing is the key to address these challenges without compromising the profitability of the farmer. Agrisave’s agronomists collaborate with local communities, researchers and producers to ensure that we have the best available knowledge so that our crop nutrition solutions will be the perfect fit for you. We are happy to engage with farmers and share our knowledge through demonstration trials and reports and further develop our knowledge through meetings and seminars.

There are countless ways to benefit from Agrisave’s soil sensors and analytics. Let’s find out together how your soil is doing and create a solution to increase crop yields and reduce water, fertilisation and energy costs.

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Agrisave is a high technology company specialized in precision agriculture.

Agrisave began when co-founder, Chilumba Machona, designed and built his first soil sensor in his home in Kitwe, Zambia in Southern Africa.

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Agrisave Team

Chilumba Machona


Chilumba is extremely passionate about using technology to solve challenging problems. 

Corinne Dale

firmware developer

Corrine is 4th year Mechatronics engineering and Computer science student at Curtin University.

Jack Ma


Jack has worked with multiple farmers and growers and has a strong reputation in  sports turf.

Muskan Vig

software developer

Muskan is a 2nd year Computer science student at Curtin University.

Philip Luong

software developer

Philip is a 2nd year Computer science student at Curtin University.

Firmware developer

Sufyan Ghazali

Software developer

Sufyan is a 2nd year Computer science student at Curtin University.

Tim Ziegloser

Marketing specialist

Tim has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with multiple farmers across Australia.

Yassine Filali


Yassine graduated from University of Western Australia with a Masters degree in  Environmental and Agricultural Science.

Agrisave TEchnology: Projects


Agrisave is actively working on a variety of agricultural projects, ranging from planning and production to manufacturing and services.

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    Agrisave would like to pay our respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of our community by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land whose soil our sensors analyze.

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